FMY Grand Opening Ceremony


On December 3, 2021, a grand opening ceremony was held at Fastrain Malaysia. President of Mida Mr. Siva, Mr. Zhong General Manager of Fastrain Malaysia, Director Feng and Mr. Toto, as well as other cooperative partner attended the ceremony. Firstly, Mr. Siva, Mr. Zhong, Mr. Toto, and Director Feng cut the ribbon together.

2021年12月3日,富创优越马来西亚分公司举行了盛大的开幕典礼。MIDA 总裁Mr Siva、富创马来GM钟总、冯厂长、Mr. Toto以及其他合作伙伴等出席了本次开幕。首先是由Mr Siva,钟总,冯厂长,Mr. Toto进行剪彩仪式;

Fastrain Malaysia provides global supply chain service cross countries and service clients cross continentals with 12000 square meter factory and on plan to expand to another one. Fastrain Malaysia also brings the automation to all our production lines. Fastrain has an international R&D team and aims to be the best in providing most reliable products using best-in-class technology and most advanced manufacturing capabilities. 


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Next, along with the lively music, people enjoyed the lion dance performance, which represented the celebration of the opening of Fastrain Malaysia and best wishes for its future development.


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Then Director Feng, Mr. Toto and General Manager Zhong delivered speeches successively, expressing their expectations and wishes for the future of Fastrain Malaysia. Fastarin Shenzhen also watched the live broadcast on the screen. President Yao also expressed congratulations to Fastrain Malaysia. Lastly, Mr Siva signed the paper and exchanged souvenirs with Mr. Zhong. The opening ceremony was crowned with success.

随后冯厂长,Mr. Toto以及钟总先后进行了发言致辞,表达了对富创马来未来的期盼与企愿;富创优越深圳公司也在投屏上全程收看了直播,董事长姚总就本次开幕仪式表达了对富创马来的祝贺;最后MIDA 总裁Mr Siva签署见证开幕,与钟总互相交换纪念品,本次开幕仪式获得圆满成功。

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Guanghua daily and other major media reported on the event.


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